We will teach you to take care of them and you will be able to get to know their fantastic world

Adopt an alpaca in Val di Fiemme

Adopt an alpaca from the Baita delle Fate

Alpaca adoption with identity card in Valfloriana, in Trentino

Many love alpacas and are intrigued by them, but many write that even if you want, you do not have the space and the right place to grow them.
We are well aware of this.
That's why we give you a huge chance.
Adopt your alpaca at our facility!

You can clearly choose it and come and find it. We will teach you to take care of them and you will be able to get to know their fantastic world.

Spending time with them will be good for your heart, soul and body.
In addition, you will be given a beautiful ball of wool of your adopted alpaca.

The adoption is not exclusive and the ownership always remains of the Baita delle Fate, but you will be sent a beautiful identity card of the chosen alpaca!

It can also be a beautiful gift idea: in this case, don't forget to tell us the name and surname of the person who will receive your original gift.

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Adopt an alpaca in Val di Fiemme - Alpaca Breeding in Val di Fiemme

Useful information on adopting an alpaca in Trentino

This is € 280 per year to be paid in a single installment to support some of the maintenance and care costs of an alpaca.
The pet will be assigned exclusively to you and someone else.
The package includes 2 annual visits to the farm with 2 walks for 2 people.

They are € 550 per year to be paid in one or two installments, to fully support your pet which will be assigned only to you.
The package includes 4 annual farm visits and 4 walks for 2 people.

The VISIT TO THE FARM included in the packages provides in addition to knowing the Alpacas, the possibility of being able to see and touch all the animals present from the owls, buzzards, skunks and all our furry friends present.

The chosen animal will be adopted by several people.
Two options: € 70 to be paid once, which only includes a walk for 1 person, or € 90, which only includes a walk for 2 people.

The animals that can be chosen can be found on the site.
All visits and walks will be compulsorily carried out only by booking with the company.
The adoption does not imply the ownership of the animal which remains exclusively of the Fattoria La Baita delle Fate farm.
There is no obligation to renew any adoption only if it is reconfirmed by the adopter.
If the company were to sell the alpaca you have the possibility to choose another one.

For each adoption we send a certificate.

Adopting an alpaca is a way to support our work and the passion we put into taking care of them with love.
It is a way to offer you this possibility too, which will allow you to come and meet them in person, pamper them and stay with them for a while, living intense and unforgettable experiences.

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Location of Alpaca Breeding in Val di Fiemme - La Baita delle Fate and map

We are located in the splendid territory of the Val di Fiemme, in Valfloriana (TN).

From the Andes they reach everyone's heart, alpacas are curious animals that will make your green holidays unique. Thick soft wool and a sweet smile are some of the unique characteristics of alpacas.

In recent years these animals and their infinite sweetness have been protagonists of the web. But, if you have not yet had the opportunity to meet them in person... we are waiting for you! You will be thrilled!